Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1.25 TIES.... oh my!

T ies... ties.. TIES!
I made a trip to JoAnns to pick up some fabric and a couple of patterns. All of the McCall patterns were $1.99! Although I had already seen a cool tutorial on Threadbangers(check them out on youtube) I had to get a pattern so my cuts were straight. In the above mentioned tutorial it stated that it would take 2-3 hours per tie. I laughed at that remark. But 3 hours later... I was no longer laughing.

I used the tie pattern but adjusted it a bit. This pattern was for a skinny tie. I don't like skinny ties. So I cut it wider and followed the tutorial.

At $2/yard and the pattern calling for 5/8. I was able to make 2(one size 10-12 and one size 4-5) for a mere $1.25.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer dress

Have you noticed how short the dresses are getting? I went to a high school graduation and saw some really cute vintage look dresses. Only problem.. the length. I don't think shortening the length to the butt cheek line makes it any cuter. Sadly, the dresses for my hula girls age group, has shortened in length also. So, we picked a pattern, pictured below.

And even this dress was much too short for me. That is the great thing about sewing, you can make adjustments.

We added a flower.

And this is the finished dress.

Throw a bolero or cardigan on and they are ready for church.