Monday, April 26, 2010

Girly girls + beading

I remember growing up in a house full of girls... and even though I was a tomboy, Sundays, I was required to get "girl'd" up. There was not a shortage of jewelry or cute hair accesories. I have 2 girls and I don't even want to know what my parents spent on accesories! So with my 2 I'm alway looking for clearanced bracelets, necklaces, hair clips, or any accessory. As they get older I want them to be able to express themselves and explore their creativity.. sometimes I feel that I over shadow them when it comes to that. Anyhow, I love beading! I love that you can create your own piece and most times it's 50%-80% cheaper than what you pay retail. So Saturday we headed out to the bead store and I let my girls pick their beads and a charm. They love a lot of the same things and so you will see them dressed the same A LOT. We came away with the bag of beads shown above. I put them togther and they absolutely adore their bracelets. As they get older, I really should LET them do it lol. I'm working on that. but here is the finished product. I'm working on making some hair accesories this week. I've got to find something to do while they are in school and our pool isn't open yet :( Happy Monday!

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