Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bead Ring

Have you ever come across a bead, broach, or old earring and thought, hmmm "that would make a cute ring!" I do that ALL the time, sometimes, it gets a little obsessive. But why not! It's making your own accessories! That's what jewelers do! I am in no way a jeweler, I do do all that sauntering and am not nearly as talented! So the next project is a simple way to make your own fashion rings.

Started out with a some beads, wire clippers, and a file.

Don't forget the glue!

Bead and a ring blank

Glue and let it set!

These were given as gifts and my sister and I searched everywhere(not really) for ring boxes and could not find any. So we bought these boxes from Roberts.

But wanted the rings to "stand" rather than just lie in the box. So I drew up a template and cut it out of card stock.

Then scored the edges Cut a slit for the ring and insert into the box.

And here is the finished ring and box.