Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ruffled Enemy

The last couple of dresses, I could sew in a couple of hours. This dress.... almost 2 months! Its been a ruffled mess lol. It was hard for me because of the fabric. Never again. The next time I make a ruffled anything, it will be out of cotton, linen, or knit. I was going to make a companion dress for my 2nd hula girl, but I have decided against it. We'll see if the decision still stands by the end of the week.

I am finally done with this monster of a dress. No pattern, just the trends I see that are "in" right now, and this is my interpretation of it. And yet I'm still not satisfied with it. Maybe I should shorten the top of the skit of the dress. Hmmmmmmm... or maybe I should just leave it alone and call it a day.


SillyVinylDesign said...

so trendy!!! ur such a fashionista!!! love it!!

T*Family said...

Oh Em Gee...You really made that? I love it. Soooo soooo cute!!! When you gonna open up ur lil boutique? Girl u know I'm sooo there. Hehehehe.