Monday, May 24, 2010

You Can Do It

Re-finishing furniture. Yes, weird, I know. When I walk into a local DI or any second hand store, you can be assured that the words "You can redo that" or "That's PERFECT!... only if you do.." will come out of my mouth. It's been that way for as long as I can remember.
My parents have always encouraged me by allowing me use my "creativity" with their home lol... even if it ended up costing some serious dough. When I was younger, I enjoyed it because I got to create, express myself and be me. Now that I'm older, I enjoy it because it's my outlet, and the real plus, is I get to spend time with my mom. My mom and I share that bond when it comes to creating things with your own hands. She and I are similar in that, when we see something we REALLY like, we find ways to do it ourselves. I know it's not Mother's Day yet... but I've just been filled with so much love and appreciation for the woman I call mom. My mom is a self taught seamstress, she can sew with or without a pattern. From experience... sewing without a pattern takes some skills! Skills I have NOT developed. She is a beader, a crafter, a quilter, creative, loving, beautiful, smart, funny, giving.. the list goes on and on. I love my mom and am truely grateful for EVERYTHING she does. I don't think I tell her enough that I love and appreciate her. But I hope my little crazy projects in her home will remind her of me and let her know just how much I ADORE her!

Now to the project lol!

Spring cleaning at my mon's consists of painting and redecorating. Her birthday fell on Sunday and so the project to redo the living room and kitchen began. When she originaly got this dining set the seats were white. I recovered them with the fabric you see on them now to match her decor. Now we've changed the paint color and curtains so I decided.. lets redo the dining set completely.
So I started by cleaning off each chair with soap and water. I didn't sand these down because the wood in still in great condition.
I primed.


then glazed

I really like the look of darker wood.

Before and... almost after! I still need to change the fabric seat.

I'll post a pic of the completed project.

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